Accident construction Site


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Accident construction Site

The Regional Court of Hagen recently had to deal with a case in which a minor accident, or rather a graze collision, occurred on the highway. A truck was driving on the highway on the right lane in a construction site. It came to the incident that the truck got a little on the left lane and thus grazed a passenger car. The driver of the car wanted to claim full compensation for the material damage caused, but the court did not uphold his claim. Rather, it attributed contributory negligence to the motorist. The driver of the SUV, which had a vehicle width of 2.19 meters, drove in the left lane with a width of 2.10 meters and thus exceeded the width of the lane. Although the truck driver now drove into the lane of the other, he cannot be charged the full amount of the damage, since the SUV driver also violated the road works regulations by driving in the left lane. As a result, both drivers breached the duty of care and must each pay for the damage. The SUV driver must accept contributory negligence and the damage was shared equally. The truck insurance company therefore only had to pay 50% of the damage. So, in fact, you should always pay attention to where you are allowed to drive your car, especially within construction sites are quite special rules, such as driving in a lane with only a certain width of the car.

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