Alcohol and e-scooters in combination are not a good idea


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Alcohol and e-scooters in combination are not a good idea

Only recently, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt decided to revoke a person`s driving licence because he was driving an e-scooter while intoxicated. The blood alcohol level was about 1.64 per mille when he was taken out off circulation. The sanction is a fine and a 6-month driving ban. A driving licence can be revoked under certain conditions regulated by law. These can be found in § 69 of the Criminal Code (German Law). The offender is unfit to drive a motor vehicle. Incidentally, the prerequisite represents a presumption. There is no further leeway for the decision-maker. In any case, the aim of § 69 is not only to sanction the driver, but also to safeguard the public interest, in particular to protect road traffic. In rare cases, this can be deviated from, but as already said, this is rarely the case and must be a special type of case. The assumption that the e-scooter is a less dangerous motor vehicle than, for example, the car, is in any case not convincing. A drunk driver of an e-scooter can cause just as dangerous conditions as a drunk cyclist or car driver. The only scenario that comes to mind is that the e-scooter driver drives particularly daringly and forces the car driver who meets him to make dangerous evasive manoeuvres. In any case, special care must be taken with such road users. Due to the above reasons and simply not less danger that could be posed by an e-scooter driver, the Higher Regional Court had decided to revoke the driving licence for a certain period of time and to impose a fine. This is simply the case with other road users.

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