Device for installing an alcohol immobilizer

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Alcohol and driving a motor vehicle are still not a good combination and often lead to serious accidents or, if caught, to the withdrawal of a driver's license. According to statistics from 2020, around 17,000 accidents were caused by the consumption of alcohol, of which around 15,000 people were injured and as many as 150 died. To reduce these figures, from July 7, 2024, newly registered vehicles are to have a system that prevents the car from driving if you are under the influence of alcohol. This is known as an integrated alcohol interlock system. The device works by turning the ignition key and the system prompts you to take the breathalyzer test. The device calculates the alcohol content and indicates whether or not the value is below the alcohol limit, which can be freely programmed beforehand. Of course, it makes sense to enter the alcohol limit for the country in question. If the value is above the alcohol limit, the engine will not start as the starter motor is blocked by the control unit. The cost of such systems is around 1500 to 2000 euros. But as things stand at present, there is unlikely to be a law for this. There are also no plans to pass such a law, which would make it compulsory to install the system. From a legal point of view, this is because it contradicts the legal principle of proportionality, the right to property and general freedom of action. Moreover, the German Road Traffic Act and the German Criminal Code contain detailed provisions on driving under the influence of alcohol.
It is therefore not yet mandatory, but anyone who is willing can of course have such a system installed. Bus companies, cab fleets and logistics companies already use such devices. Other countries already have regulations in this regard. France, for example, requires drivers to carry a disposable breathalyzer in their car. In the Netherlands, drivers found to be under the influence of alcohol must have such a system installed and surrender their driver's license until it is installed. Other countries also have regulations in this regard.
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