Driver's license reform and health checks


Last year, the Commission introduced a number of proposals to reform the driving license directive, which are to be implemented in 2024. Health checks, digital and possibly temporary driving licenses are being discussed. Once again, the aim is to significantly reduce the current high accident figures. The focus here was on older people, among others, as they may be exposed to a higher risk.

The idea was to limit driving licenses for people over the age of 70 to 5 years. This would have made it easier to have checks and refresher courses carried out. If the driver's license was then to be exchanged or similar, the Commission provided for health checks. At the end of February, however, the EU Parliament rejected at least mandatory health checks. However, the Council has not completely rejected it. Instead, the member states should be able to decide for themselves whether drivers should be allowed to carry out a self-assessment or whether a medical examination should be carried out. The time limit for driving licenses above a certain age did not go through either. Parliament saw this as clear discrimination against older people. The right to freedom of movement and participation in economic and social life must be guaranteed. Further changes are to be made to the probationary period. For example, a Europe-wide probationary period of at least 2 years and stricter regulations and penalties are also to apply throughout Europe during this time. This has not yet been the case for categories AM, L and T.

However, a final decision remains to be seen - it is not expected until the fall of this year at the earliest. It should be emphasized that the corresponding directive still has to be transposed into national law. So it will still take some time.


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