Driving license revocation possibly Europe-wide in the future

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Traffic violations while on vacation?

Until now, it was handled in such a way that a traffic offense, sometimes a particularly serious one, would be punished abroad, but not in your own country and you did not have to worry about any further consequences. However, the European Parliament wants to counteract this and recently introduced a directive that is intended to take these circumstances into account so that serious traffic offenses will apply and have an effect throughout Europe in the future. The idea is to increase safety on the roads and thus achieve more considerate driving, thereby reducing accidents and the associated fatalities. In the best-case scenario, the number of deaths should be zero by 2050. The legislator hopes that this will have a kind of traffic-educational effect, because there are consequences to be feared not only in the respective country. In particular, this regulation should apply to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving at excessive speed and offenses that lead to death or serious bodily injury. Driving without a license or dangerous overtaking, for example, would also be included. However, driving at excessive speed should also only lead to a Europe-wide driving license withdrawal if, for example, the driver is driving at an increased speed of more than 50 km/h. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to discuss, as traffic violations are treated differently in many countries. In some states, for example, it is simply noted on the driving license that there is a corresponding driving ban in the respective country, but that is all. After a few days, the driver's license can be collected again. You can therefore continue to drive in all other countries. In Germany, however, the driver's license will be physically retained. This means that, in principle, you can drive in other countries, but without a driving license, which is also a punishable offence. The creation of a Europe-wide database is intended to improve the coordination of the measures taken by the respective national authorities, but also to provide drivers with a better platform to get a good overview. No legal text has been finalized yet, but something will be written in this direction.

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