E-Scooters in the city


Source: Pixabay/electric-scooters-6954943_1280

France has already made a start with Paris and has already banned the means of transport from the city because they were so disruptive and posed too high a risk of injury. Berlin is now also tackling the problem of e-scooters.

Although the advantages of electromobility are of course undeniable, they pose serious risks if parked or used incorrectly. For example, the number of accidents recorded by the police has risen by almost 1,000 in the space of two years. These figures are worrying. Furthermore, the scooters obstruct pavements or are carelessly thrown aside. Even though scooters have a very positive impact on urban traffic volumes and air quality, the problem remains.

The city of Berlin is now considering how it can counteract these problems because, as the "Fuss" association discovered, there is a scooter in the way every sixty metres.

This association gave as an example, the total number of authorised e-scooters is to be limited and additional parking spaces set up. At least in the S-Bahn ring, the number of scooters could be reduced to 19,000 in total and around 3,000 permanent parking spaces could be set up. However, whether this number is sufficient remains questionable, as does the situation outside the ring. Another idea is the so-called geo-blocking. Technical zones are set up in which parking is not technically possible. However, outside of these zones, the problem of parking scooters on pavements could remain a problem and this would probably be the case. This approach, which has already led to some improvements, could therefore be a start, but not a final solution. In any case, the city reserves the right to limit the number of scooters again in order to tackle the problem.

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