Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion

This year the fifth conference of ministers for the European programme for traffic, health and environment took place in Vienna. The declaration of Vienna had the motto “building a better future – setting the course for new, clean, safe, healthy and integrative mobility”. The focus for the twenty-eight participating countries was to promote cycling paths in Europe.

The aim of the plan is to double the cycling traffic till 2030. Therefore, the states must build their own cycling strategies. This will happen through a better cycling infrastructure, but also other political parts, like the health and spatial planning, shall be involved by these mobility changes. The plan comprises measures for a better user-friendly cycling infrastructure and the promote of new technology and innovation.

More cycling traffic will have positive impacts to our society. At first, more cycling will have an impact to the environment. Eight million tons of CO2 could be saved to 2030. Further, the use of bike instead of cars will lead to better air and less noise in cities and make urban regions more liveable. In addition, cycling is a useful activity, so the planners hope to prevent deaths because of sedentary lifestyle.

Secondly, the Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion will have a positive economy impact. By doubling the cycling traffic, 400.000 new jobs could be created in the cycling industry. If they will achieve the aim, 3.5 billion Euro can be implemented in the cycling sector. Another factor is the impact to the health care and insurance systems. More activity will have a positive impact to health. Moreover, the number of accidents will fall. These factors will lead to less sick days and a discharge of the health care system. By reaching the aim till 2030, the national economy will have a use of 260 billion Euros.

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