Russia and EU no longer acknowledge each other's car insurance policies


Source: pixabay/3005398

Russia and EU no longer acknowledge each other's car insurance policies

Until recently, motorists from the EU, Great Britain and Switzerland could use the international Green Insurance Card (Green Card) to prove their motor vehicle liability insurance in Russia, if Russia was explicitly mentioned on the card and was not crossed out. Insured persons could obtain the Green Card free of charge upon request from their motor vehicle insurers.
However, at the End of May, the agreements between Russia and the European Union expired and were not renewed. According to the German Foreign Office, the Russian Federation will no longer acknowledge car insurance policies from the EU, Great Britain and Switzerland in the future. This should apply in the same way in Belarus.
If you want to travel to Russia by car from June, you would then have to take out "alternative motor vehicle insurance" in order to be covered. This could be difficult, however, as such insurance cannot yet be taken out on the Internet and the sales outlets announced by Russia near the border have not yet been sighted or confirmed.
Since the agreements no longer apply not only in Russia, Russian insurance policies have also no longer been valid in the EU, Great Britain and Switzerland since June. It remains to be seen how to proceed in the event of an accident with an uninsured Russian vehicle. In any case, in South Tyrol and Italy, the insured road users do not have to deal with it, "Then the damage is settled via the 'guarantee fund' ("Fondo di garnazia vittime della strada"), which, however, means an additional bureaucratic effort", says Lukas Widman. With every car insurance policy in Italy, a small portion of the premium is deducted for this guarantee fund. This fund is used in the event of accidents involving uninsured vehicles or hit-and-run accidents. In case of accidents in Germany, affected persons can contact the German Green Card Office.

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