Snow-covered traffic signs


Source: Pixabay/street-6484311_1280

Snow-covered traffic signs

This topic is likely to be highly topical at the moment – more so in some regions, less so in others. Wut what to do if we cannot see the road sign and so its meaning because of the snow?
It depends very much on which traffic sign is actually behind it. In the case of a stop sign, you will generally not be able to claim that you were unable to see it. Due to its very individual shape, it has a high recognition potential, even when covered in snow. However, the situation is different with triangular signs. There are many different types of these, such as prohibition or restriction signs. So things are a little more relaxed. Nevertheless, as with all usual weather events, the principle of adapting to the road, weather and visibility conditions applies. Incidentally, anyone with local knowledge will not be able to invoke this protection. This is because it is assumed that the relevant signs are known.
Anyone who is now also flashed in these snowy incidents can appeal against the notice issued against them. However, on the condition that proof is provided, for example a photo of the snow-covered traffic sign. As a rule, however, this is likely to prove difficult to realize unless you drive back immediately after the speed camera and take a picture...

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