Test track for the Hyperloop opens near Munich


Source: pixabay/Cosmic_Level

Test track for the Hyperloop opens near Munich

After Tesla boss Elon Musk revived the idea of the Hyperloop ten years ago, the first test track in Germany is now going into operation in Munich.
Externally, the Hyperloop resembles a very large barrel; inside, it is equipped with carpeting, cushioned seats, wi-fi, and plants.

The Hyperloop is a high-speed means of transport. Capsules float through largely airless tubes and reach speeds of up to 1,100 km/h because they are not slowed down by air resistance or friction. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk published an open-source hyperloop concept a few years ago. Several companies are working on its implementation. The University of Technology of Munich (TU Munich), which is also involved in this test track, also participated in prize competitions organized by Elon Musk.

In the long term, the goal is to create a fast and climate-neutral means of transportation, so it should be possible to cover the distance from Munich to Berlin in 40 minutes. However, it will be some time before these speeds can be achieved. The test track in Munich is 24 meters long and will not reach high speeds. The initial aim is to create a full-scale model. The test facility has three goals: testing critical key systems to achieve market readiness for the technology, building the first full-scale test segment to realize Hyperloop for passenger travel, and implementing certified safety standards and an interior concept to prepare for passenger operations. Once these goals are achieved, a one-kilometer test track will be built for test driving by the public as well. Where and when this test track will be built is not yet clear. Six professors and their teams from different faculties from the TU Munich are involved in the project, according to TU Munich.

In addition to the test track in Ottobrunn, there is a 30-meter test tube in Delft in the Netherlands. Further test tracks are also planned in Groningen in the Netherlands and in Italy.

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