The ban on combustion engines will probably be overturned again

Not so long ago, a ban on the registration of cars with combustion engines from 2035 was decided. The head of the EU Commission, von der Leyen, could want to overturn the ban.

Until now, it was said that electric cars were one of the best ways to improve the environment. They would be virtually equivalent to zero emissions. However, an initiative by the EU Commission has now revealed that greenhouse gas emissions are less satisfactory. Unfortunately, it is not true that e-cars are environmentally friendly per se. Those charged with electricity generated from fossil fuels do little to help the climate. In order to take a closer look at the above-mentioned greenhouse emissions and life cycle assessment, the production, service life and disposal must be examined in detail. This was recently done by the Association of German Engineers. One of the key messages was that electric cars do not have a CO2 backpack. Only after a certain number of kilometers, 90,000 kilometers to be precise, can you see differences to combustion engines. When powered by fossil fuels, the figure almost doubles. Another argument that inevitably goes hand in hand with this, but is a logical consequence, is the production of batteries. To make them emission-free, they would have to be produced using renewable electrical energy in order to keep greenhouse gas emissions low during production.

There is currently no official statement, but it will probably come. Von der Leyen has made a meaningful statement in this regard and voted more clearly than ever in favor of technological openness. Consumers of new cars should retain their right to choose whether they want to drive a combustion engine or an electric motor.

Source: Pixabay/ refuel-1629074_1280


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