The Netherlands issues new catalogue of fines 2021!

The new catalogue confirms that the overall penalty rates in the Netherlands are significantly higher than in other European Member States. Thus, it specifies that for parking and stopping offences, a fine of 100 euros (previously 95) must be paid if the offence is punished by the police. For penalties imposed by the municipality a fine of 60 euros (previously 50) will be ordered. Red light violations will be reproved with 250 euro (before 240). The same applies to driving over solid lanes and phone calls at the wheel without a hands-free device.

Increases were also made for speeding offences. Traffic offenders will be fined upwards of 30 euros, if they exceed the speed limit of 5 km/h in towns, out of towns and on motorways. Transgressing the speed limit by more than 30 km/h they will even be reported to the police.

Moreover, the authorities will impose sanctions for late payment. If the fine is not paid despite being due, the amount will increase by half due to the first delay and by double due to the second one.

Even if the catalogue of fines has not changed seriously, the accruing amounts might deter road users from committing offences and encourage them to behave in accordance with the regulations. Citizens of other European Member States should be aware of the fact, that the penalty can also be enforced in their home state.

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