Drive like a woman! - Traffic campaign from France


In 2023, there were almost 3400 road deaths in France. The slightly lower figure of 2800 road deaths was from 2020 and was probably due to the pandemic.

As a result, the French association "Victimes et citoyens" has developed a campaign. Various male faces can be seen on the posters distributed. Most of them are casually holding the steering wheel and seem to have everything under control. Incidentally, the posters also feature slogans that are less casual - "93 percent of drunk drivers involved in an accident are men. Driving like a woman only means staying alive." 84 percent of fatal road accidents are caused by men, says the next poster.

And nine out of ten young drivers killed are men, reveals the third. The head of the association was himself once the victim of a serious traffic accident. According to him, traffic violations must stop, then there would also be fewer accidents and injuries. The association cares for accident victims and surviving orphans. It sends them to educational institutions, driving schools and companies to raise people's awareness of careful driving. Volunteers continue to look after the accident victims and answer their questions about the weather. For example, how life goes on after such an accident.

The head of the association goes on to explain how many misogynistic stereotypes still exist in relation to road traffic. He no longer believes them. Instead, he explains that women are much more careful drivers and don't "mess around" so much. The saying "woman at the wheel, death on the bend" is long outdated. A French magazine is now taking advantage of this to dispel the stereotypes. It is commonplace to find that women are generally more careful on the roads. Not only in regular road traffic, but also in driving school, it can already be seen that girls are more careful. The behavior of men has consequences: around three quarters of accident fatalities and serious injuries are men and four out of five driving licenses revoked belong to men. They are over-represented, especially in accidents involving motorcycles, but also bicycles.

The risk of a woman dying in a traffic accident in France is eight times lower than that of a man.

Hence the campaign: "Drive like a woman!"



Source: Pixabay/paris-6661136_1280

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