UK Driving License Fraud

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UK Driving License Fraud

The Federal Court of Justice in Germany has sentenced a defendant in criminal proceedings for fraud in 37 cases and attempted fraud in nine cases to a total imprisonment of four years and three months.

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The decision concerned a matter in which the defendant offered a successful brokerage of the English driver’s license for a fee of 1,200€ between the beginning of 2012 and the beginning of 2018. In doing so, he withheld from the contracting parties, that the issue of an English driving license requires a place of residence in England. Therefore, the customers did not receive an English driver’s license. For more information about the English driving license visit the official website:
The Federal Court of Justice decided that the successful brokerage of the driver’s license for the payment of the fee was decisive for the customers. None of the customers received an English driver’s license due to the lack of a residence requirement. In the opinion of the court, the defendant knew this from the start. However, all that mattered to him was to permanently enrich himself with the fee interrogation. The court thus came to the decision, that the criminal offenses existed.
This fact shows that consumer should inform themselves about the requirements before entering a brokerage of foreign driving licenses to avoid fraud.

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