Coordination Committee

The central steering committee

Head of the committee: Alain Kunz, CEO IETL

Members: Holger Backu, Prof. Dr. B.A.Koch, Dr. Martin Metzler, Christian Reinicke, Jean-Pierre Telloli, Bernd Höke, Michael Nissen

Events and Seminars Committee

Organization of the annual Law days and online seminars

Vice president in charge: Dr. Martin Metzler

Head of the committee: Dr. Martin Metzler


Marketing and communication committee

PR, Website, Newsletter VOX, social media

Vice president in charge: Christian Reinicke

Head of the committee: Bernd Höke

Members: Michael Nissen (+Newsletter VOX), Dimitri Doufexis, Lars Nitzsche, Dr.Tibor Pataky

Think Tank

Central knowledge management, pool of scientists, politicians, practitioners

Vice president in charge: Holger Backu


Academic Board and IETL Award

Scientific monitoring and support of the association

Vice president in charge: Prof. Dr. Bernhard A. Koch


Mobility Law Committee

Observation of the legal development on mobility in Europe, exchange with the other committees

Vice president in charge: Jean-Pierre Telloli