IETL Award

On the occasion of our annual event, the Law Days, every year or every other year a personality is honoured who has distinguished himself or herself through special achievement in the field of legal issues related to mobility.

IETL Law & Mobility Award

The Institute for European Traffic Law (IETL) presents the “IETL Law & Mobility Award” in recognition of significant contributions to the research of legal aspects of mobility.

2023 Call for Applications

Eligibility Criteria

The IETL Law and Mobility Award shall be given to a scholarly work of legal research addressing specific aspects of mobility. Eligible submissions may include joint works of more than one author.

Topics may cover any area of the law (such as torts, contract, administrative, constitutional, criminal, procedural, European, public international law, or conflicts of laws). The term “mobility” is understood to cover territorial mobility relating to traffic and include, for example, the regulation and/or the use of means of transportation, travel, or the shipment of goods as such.

Award money

The award money for 2023 has been set at EUR 2,500. It may be awarded to up to two submissions (in which case the amount will be awarded in equal shares) to this call for applications.


Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2023, to the following e-mail address:

In order to be eligible, applications must include an electronic copy of the full text as well as an English abstract thereof accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the author(s).

Selection Process

After the end of the submission period, all submitted works will be assessed by at least two independent reviewers. The IETL Academic Board will select the winner(s) based on the ranking of all submissions as determined by the reviewers.

Award Ceremony

The IETL Law & Mobility Award will be bestowed upon the recipient(s) at the IETL European Traffic Law Days on October 5-6, 2023.