About IETL

The Institute for European Traffic Law, founded in 1999,  has its registered office in the EU metropolis of Luxembourg. It serves research, politics, business and consumer protection in all areas of European and international traffic law.

In order to coordinate teaching and research in all areas of traffic law and to provide initial and continued training to all persons professionally involved in traffic law, the Institute promotes the exchange of academic knowledge and practical experience. The Institute organises the “European Traffic Law Days” which take place regularly at the beginning of October in one of the European capitals. In addition, an online seminar is offered once a year (usually in May).

As an individual member (annual fee 150 euros for natural persons) or corporate member (annual fee 1,500 euros for legal entities) you will receive substantial reductions on the European Traffic Law Day fees (corporate members are eligible for reductions for 20 employees) and IETL Online Seminars (which are free for members). Furthermore, members will receive weekly updates on traffic law, developments in the laws on autonomous driving and other aspects of mobility via the social media channels and a detailed monthly newsletter. They have the opportunity to participate in a network of traffic law experts throughout Europe.

Each member is also invited to actively collaborate in the working groups of the Institute.