Corporate Members


The German Automobile Association is one of the founding members of IETL and very active in publishing valuable content for our members.


ÖAMTC is the largest Austrian automobile club with over two million members.


The ACA is the professional association of insurers and reinsurers established in Luxembourg. It has 120 members including more than 80 insurers and reinsurers.


The Automobile Club d'Italia is a self-financing, non-economic public body with functions of promotion, control and regulatory guidance of the automotive sector.


AREDOC carries out a permanent multidisciplinary reflection on all aspects of the evaluation of bodily injury according to new medical techniques, the evolution of risks and compensation systems and proposes, at the end of these reflections, evaluation methods likely to facilitate and harmonise the conditions of compensation of victims in consultation with the professionals concerned by the compensation of bodily injury.


The Council of Bureaux is the Managing Organisation of the Green Card system and the Motor Insurance Directives. It acts for the protection of cross-border road traffic victims.


The Romanian Motor's Insurance Bureau is as a member of COB. The BAAR is responsible for the Handling of Green Card claims.


The Bureau Central Français (BCF) is an association to which all insurance companies operating in the field of motor liability in France must belong.


MIB-Hellas provides as a member of the COB all Green Card activities and was also appointed as Greek Compensation Body according to the 4th EU Directive.


The Swiss National Bureau of Insurance and the Swiss Guarantee Fund are IETL members since 1999 and very engaged in organising the European Traffic Law Days.


Ceredoc is a confederation of national associations of medical experts in the evaluation of personal injury.


The company is wholly owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. CONSAP manages the Insurance Guarantee and Solidarity Funds.


DEKRA International Claims belongs to DEKRA, the third-largest inspection company in the world, for vehicles as well as technical systems. We deliver claims management services to insurance companies, leasing companies, government agencies and corporate clients worldwide. In Europe, our offices and partner network can handle all types of claims, arising from insurance ranging from motor, marine, property, liability to health and others such as natural catastrophes and related recourses.

Inter Europe

InterEurope AG is an independent, privately owned service provider, which settles claims on behalf of insurance companies.


AVUS is a globally active claims settlement company based in Austria. Around 300 employees settle around 70,000 claims every year.

Van Ameyde

Based in the Netherlands, Van Ameyde International BV provides claims handling, claims adjusting and surveying of bodily injury, travel and loss.


Macif is a French mutual insurance group company with more than five million members, based in Niort.

Multi Serass

Multi Serass is an Italian claims outsourcing company. Multi Serass handles over 60,000 claims annually and employs around 125 people.


SwissRe is a reinsurance company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is the world’s second-largest reinsurer.


SCOR is a French-based European reinsurance group founded in 1970. It is the fourth largest reinsurer in the world in terms of assets.


The DeutscherAnwaltVerein (German Lawyers' Association) represents the interests of German lawyers Around 66,000 members are organised in the DAV, around 40% of German lawyers.