Climate Ticket austria

Source: Pexels; Alesia Kozik

Climate ticket in Austria

From the 26th of October on, it will be possible to use almost all buses and trains in Austria with the new Climate ticket. The ticket will be valid for one year and costs € 1,095. The early bird ticket, available until 31th of October, costs € 949. People aged up to 25 or older than 64 can use the climate ticket special, which costs regular € 821 and as the early bird version € 699. You can book the tickets at
With the climate ticket, the Austrian government is pursuing the goal of getting more people to use public transport. With only € 3 per day, the use of public transport should be more attractive for many commuters than using the car. Furthermore, the climate ticket is cheaper than the most tickets for the federal states, except of Vienna where a one-year public transport ticket only costs € 365. Therefore, some federal states are now planning to reduce the prices for local annual tickets.
Austria plays a pioneering role in Europe when it comes to cheap local transport. In addition, public transport is only free in Luxembourg. Moreover, other European want to improve their local public transport and their train system. For example, Italy wants to invest a lot of money in the expansion of high-speed trains and regional transport. Also the Trans-Europ-Express 2.0 will enable a better train connection between European metropolises in future.
The expansion of the train connections and the improvement of services and prices are essential building blocks of the mobility transition. It will therefore be interesting to observe how the new offers in Austria affect the mobility behavior of the population.

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