Deutsche Bahn AG expands AI project for more efficient suburban Train operations


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Deutsche Bahn AG expands AI project for more efficient suburban Train operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is initially intended to ensure smoother processes and more punctual trains in Germany's suburban train traffic. A project of the suburban train in Stuttgart is now to be extended to the suburban train in Rhein-Main and Munich. "With the AI, we are able to intervene proactively if we see that delays in operations are imminent.", informed Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, the Chief Digital Officer.

The dispatchers in the control centers could use the algorithms to decide more quickly which trains should enter the station first and when. In Stuttgart, for example, delays of up to eight minutes could be compensated in this way. The AI ​​also continuously simulates the development of the traffic situation based on live operation and reports conflicts at an early stage.
"As a result, traffic flows better: Trains are less likely to have to slow down or wait when another train is blocking a section of track.", informed the Deutsche Bahn AG. "Converted to the example of the Stuttgart suburban train, 17 more trains per day and direction would be possible on the main line."
In the long run, this technology should not be limited to the suburban train operations.

In addition to the use of artificial intelligence, Daniela Gerd tom Markotten would also like to promote mobile phone and internet reception on the trains. Gerd tom Markotten referred to radio-permeable windowpanes, which new long-distance trains are equipped with as standard, and which can direct the signal into the interior of the train better.
The federal government and the railway industry want to digitize the entire rail network in Germany by 2035. This includes the conversion of the signal boxes, which are often still operated manually, to digital technology and the expansion of the ETCS control and safety technology. "We agree that we need more and faster digitization," emphasized Gerd tom Markotten. To achieve this, all digital components should interlock with each other.

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