E-cars for all: France wants to introduce a leasing plan for 100 euros a month

E-cars for all: France wants to introduce a leasing plan for 100 euros a month

France's government has a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2040. To achieve this, they are trying to wean French citizens more and more off the use of internal combustion vehicles. So, now, like other European countries, electric cars are subsidized. When buying an electric car that costs less than 47.000 euros, up to 6.000 euros can be subsidized. In addition, there is the possibility to exchange a combustion car for an extra premium.

Another measure taken by the French government to reduce the number of internal combustion cars on the roads is that at the end of last year, the legislature passed a regulation requiring advertisers to recommend more environmentally friendly means of transport. Thus, a car advertisement has to point out that short distances can also be covered on foot or by bike. Car-sharing and the use of public transportation in everyday life are also more environmentally friendly alternatives that should be pointed out.  The measures seem to be working; after all, 12 percent of new cars last year were electric.

President Marcon has now come under criticism because his promise to make electric cars accessible to the masses has not come true despite the subsidies. The reason for this is that many people cannot afford electric cars even with subsidies.

In Order to counteract this, the government is now planning a program that will allow electric cars to be leased for 100 euros a month, as Gabriel Attal, Minister of State Action and Public Budgets, has announced. He noted that this is less money per month than most people spend on gasoline.

In addition to subsidies for electric cars, there is also the possibility of exchanging one's combustion car for a pedelec and receiving a bonus of 2500 euros.

The government is currently examining how quickly the plan can be implemented and whether enough vehicles are available. In addition, only vehicles from EU manufacturers will be eligible for the program.

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