E-mobility is not the only solution


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E-mobility is not the only solution

In a study, people of different ages were asked which was their preferred means of transport and which they had possibly refrained from. The respondents' fears in connection with mobility in general and e-mobility were revealed.
Probably the most popular means of transportation is the car. Almost 72% of Germans state this, and all age groups are represented. In contrast to cycling, interest in driving has increased. For cycling tends to decrease – even compared to walking, more people vote for the latter.
The concern of many of those interviewed as part of the study is that the EU is not up to the mobility concept. The respondents justify this by saying that they suspect they will not be able to bear the costs in the long therm. The cars are becoming more expensive and the general conditions are not becoming more favorable. The EU is obligated to take this into account and provide the citizen with the appropriate assistance. And this will also be, among other things, the problem why fewer people resort to the bicycle. E-bikes are partly very expensive and also not cheap to keep. This is shown by the fact that the battery must be charged again and again. Another complaint is that too little attention is paid to other types of propulsion, such as hydrogen. The background to this is the energy crisis and, once again, the cost factor. The energy crisis has been accompanied by other prices and also by a possibly smaller or limited supply.
It even becomes known that many of the respondents are willing to accept a speed limit for climate protection. However, they do not want it to be regulated by law - rather, the whole thing should be based on the yardstick of voluntariness.
In any case, there is agreement that citizens have not enough confidence in the EU's mobility concept. They look to the future with skepticism as to the extent to which the EU is in a position to guarantee it appropriately well and to their full satisfaction.

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