EU Motor Insurance Directive

Revised Motor Insurance Directive published
In June 2021, the European Commission, Parliament and Council agreed on a draft Directive amending the Motor Insurance Directive, which was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 21.10.2021 and the Council of the EU on 09.11.2021.
The Directive should modify the predecessor act. The main changes are made in the fields of safeguarding the insolvency of the insurer, exchange of information among insurers and the minimum amounts of cover. You can find more details about the impact of the Directive in our previous article from 3.12.2021:
On 2th of December 2021, the Directive was published in the Official Journal of the EU (OJ EU no. L 430 of 02.12.2021, p. 1 et seq.). You can find the published Directive in the various languages of the EU at This was also content of our monthly newsletter, which you can subscribe for at
Till 23th of December in 2023, the new rules have to be implemented in national law. Then, the European Commission will control if the new regulations work and if new modifications are necessary. In particular, the way in which the guideline works regarding new technologies and forms of mobility should be kept in mind.

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