Flying Taxis in Munich and Nürnberg

By 2025, electronic air taxis should start at German airports. The airports of Munich and Nuremberg, but also other airports could serve as junction. The plan is to build a better connection between the locations. The price level should be comparable to conventional means of transport.

The planner is the German start-up lilium. The jets should have space for seven passengers. They should start vertical and then fly horizontally up to 250 kilometres. The maximum speed level should be 280 kilometres per hour. The serial production of the jets should start in 2025. In the long term, the jets should be able to fly autonomously without a pilot.

Lilium is not the only company which has its focus on air-taxis. Also, the German manufacturer Volocopter or the University RWTH Aachen have already completed flight tests successfully. In addition, hydrogen air taxis are also planned, for example the Skai, developed by Alaka’i Technologies and BMW.

The new vehicles play an important plan in urban city planning. We have already reported about the plans of Paris to use air taxis at the Olympic games in 2024 and beyond that, set up an air transport network by 2030: (Paris will test its first flying taxis in June)

These developments could establish a new way of mobility in Europe. Further the ambitions of autonomous flying require a secure European digital infrastructure.

Source: pixabay/LeeRosario

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