Higher fines for over speeding in Austria

To reduce the comparatively high number of traffic fatalities, the Austrian Minister of transport Gewessler has presented the new catalogue of fines for over speeding. Not only higher fees be considered, also the withdrawal of the driver’s license or the car. The new regulations should apply from this summer.

For most offenses, there are only entry fines, the decision on the amount of the fines is made by the authorities on a case-by-case basis. Specifically, this means that the maximum fine will increase from 2.180€ to 5.000€. In addition, the observation period for repeated violations of the speed limits doubles to four years.

The new rules for the withdrawal of the driver’s license will also become stricter. So far, the authorization for drivers has been withdrawn if the speed was exceeded 40 km/h in town and 50 km/h out of town. The limit values are to be lowered by 10 km/h: 30 km/h in town and 40 km/h out of town. Furthermore, the duration of withdrawal will be doubled from two to four weeks.

In addition to fines, the penalty for participating in illegal street races is also to be increased. The participating becomes a particularly dangerous crime. There is a risk of the driver’s license being withdrawn for at least six months and compulsory retraining and, in the event of repetition, a traffic psychological examination. There is also a threat of the car being confiscated. This is also possible in extreme cases when the driver was 80 km/h in town or 90 km/h out of town to fast.

The general speed limit in Austria for cars is 50km/h in town, 100 km/h out of town and 130 km/h on highways.


Picture: pixabay

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