Italy introduces a new truck control system

Since 28 June Italy is undergoing a test phase of a real-time truck monitoring platform on the A3 motorway between Naples and Salerno. The monitoring platform is designed to help check the permissible total weight of the vehicle.

In the press release, Movyon said that "the system combines detection and warning algorithms with hardware components such as state-of-the-art cameras and dynamic weighing technology, consisting of steel plates fixed in the asphalt and equipped with fibre-optic sensors, to calculate the weight of each vehicle as it drives".

If the controlled vehicle is overweight, the device transmits the real-time data to a central system. Drivers who do not adhere to the warnings on the display boards must expect a ban on overtaking as a consequence. In addition, the traffic police will be notified and will accompany the vehicle until it reaches the first exit.

The new truck control system indeed makes it much easier to check the permissible total weight. However, it remains to be seen whether this system will prove its worth and, if so, whether it will be extended to other sections of motorway.

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Picture: Pixabay/Pexels

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