New assistance systems become mandatory for new cars


Source: pixabay/Pexels

New assistance systems become mandatory for new cars

A few days ago, new regulations for motor vehicles came into force in Germany. These concern microsleep and drunk driving. Since July 6, 2022, two warning systems must be installed in all new vehicle types. From July 7, 2024, the requirement will apply to all new cars. The first system is designed to warn drivers in the event of microsleep.
Due to microsleep, serious accidents occur time and again. In 2016, 26% of participants in a survey stated that they had already fallen asleep while driving. The new warning system must be included as standard equipment on the vehicles and must not incur extra costs.

The second system is designed to counteract drunk driving. In the future, an interface for alcohol-sensitive immobilizers must be integrated here. The driver's breath alcohol level is determined via a corresponding device. If this is too high, the ignition of the vehicle is blocked.
However, it must be noted that only the interface is mandatory, but not the measuring device. Thus, it is questionable whether this regulation will change much in practice. This is because the measuring devices are very expensive and need to be calibrated regularly. The calibration causes follow-up costs. Which is why most drivers will likely forgo purchasing and using the meter.

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