Night-Time driving ban for trucks in Tyrol



Night-Time driving ban for trucks in Tyrol

Since the new night-time driving ban came into effect long queues arise on the street. As a result of the prohibition, companies are asking whether this offense violates EU law.
The German logistics association BGL and other European trade associations have filed complaints with the EU Commission against the ban on trucks driving at night on the Inntal highway in Tyrol.

By the general prohibition the basic liberty of the free goods traffic guaranteed by the European Union contracts would be massively restricted.
It seems to be a disproportional measure that substantially affects the interests of the economy. The air quality in the Inn Valley would not be appropriated as claimed, because traffic would only be transferred from night to day, with additional traffic congestion.

Discontent with the entry restriction of Tyrol
According to the BGL data, chambers of commerce also participated in the formal complaints. Furthermore, the BGL is planning to lodge a complaint with the EU Commission against other measures taken by the Tyrol, such as block clearance and the sectoral driving ban.
In order to relieve the pressure on the Inntal highway leading to the Brenner Pass, the Austrian state has restricted the entry of trucks on several dozen days this year-at the Kufstein/Kiefersfelden border crossing.  At most about 300 trucks coming from Germany will then be allowed to enter per hour.
If necessary, heavy traffic will be brought to a complete shutdown.

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