Rights of passengers in case of an early set flight.

Rights of passengers in case of an early set flight.

If a flight is set early for more than an hour the passengers will be able to claim for compensation.
The early set flight deprives passengers of the opportunity to freely dispose of their time, according to the Luxembourg judges. The new departure time could force passengers to make great efforts to be at the airport on time. Therefore, a flight that is set early for over an hour has to be seen as canceled. In the event of such a significantly early departure, the airline must always pay the total amount of the compensation, which is graduated depending on the distance of the flight and can range from 250 to 600€.

According to the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation, however, providers do not have to pay compensation for cancellations if they give notice in good time. This is the case, if travelers are informed at least two weeks before departure. In addition, shorter deadlines apply if an alternative connection is offered at similar times. The judgment is based on several cases from Germany and Austria.

According to the judgment, an airline that has to pay passengers compensation for the conduct of another company has the option of bringing recourse claims against the other company. But the airline also has the duty to inform a passenger who has not been carried, from whom a compensation payment can be demanded. It must also be communicated which documents are required for this. The exact amount of the compensation due does not have to be stated.
Legal Cases: C-146/20, C-188/20, C-196/20, C-270/20, C-263/20

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