The European Commission has published two new public consultations

The European Commission has published two new public consultations

1. Driving licence directive
The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the revision of the Driving Licenses Directive. The aim is to gather experiences and opinions on driving licences from professional and non-professional drivers of all types of vehicles, other road users, industry, operators, road sector associations and trade unions, non-governmental organisations active in the field of road safety, competent authorities of Member States and other interested stakeholders.

Furthermore, the two general objectives of improving road safety and having a positive impact on the free movement of people and goods will be taken into account in the possible revision of the Driving Licence Directive.

Finally, the initiative will also explore how the rules can better contribute to the green and digital transformation in the European Union.

2. Cross-border enforcement of road traffic regulations
Moreover, the Commission has also published a public consultation in relation to cross-border enforcement of road traffic regulations. The objective of the Directive is to assist Member State authorities in prosecuting offenders by allowing the disclosure of the person behind the registration of the vehicle. The revision also aims to cover offenders from abroad, as they often go unpunished either because they cannot be identified or because the sentences are not enforced. Therefore, cross-border enforcement procedures should be further improved, and fair treatment of offenders ensured.

According to the EU Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, the digital driving licence is an important step towards facilitating free movement. However, it is also necessary to ensure that road safety rules are respected throughout the EU and that drivers in cross-border traffic comply with road traffic rules when driving in another Member State.

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