The Green Card turns white

After many years of work, the Council of Bureaux (CoB, the international body that regulates the format and structure of the "Green Card" document for the 48 countries participating in the Green Card System) approved a decision allowing that this motor vehicle guarantee document can be generated in pdf format, so that it can be sent by email and printed in black and white and single-sided, in A4 size.

This is one more step towards the complete international verification of the insurance of any vehicle, regardless of nationality, through digital and non-physical means. At least, it will no longer be mandatory for said paper to be printed in green, nor is it mandatory for it to be printed by the insurance company - for example, the insured may do it in a similar way to what happens with boarding passes from many airlines.

The new International Insurance or Green Card must still correspond to the model prescribed by the CoB. Certain variations are allowed as long as the model complies with the specifications of the CoB and the issuing company has obtained a "good for print" from his national insurance bureau. The International Insurance Card is only valid when printed. Presenting the insurance card on the screen of a mobile device is not permitted.

The following validity requirements must also be observed:

  • Printout on green paper and from 1 July 2020 also on white paper (colours other than white and green are not permitted and will invalidate the insurance card)
  • Paper size: min. A6, max. A4
  • Font colour black
  • Faultless printout (in case of stripes or other printing errors, the process must be repeated)

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