Toll-free through Spain

The Spanish government is expanding its toll-free motorways. In addition to the already 476 kilometres of toll-free motorways, a further 640 kilometres will be added from September 2021.


The AP4 motorway from Seville to Cadiz, the AP7 from Tarragona to Alicante and the AP2 from Burgos to Eibar are already toll-free. Now the AP7 motorways between Zaragoza and the Mediterranean axis, the AP2 from Tarragona to La Jonquera and the northern AP7, from Montmeló to El Papiol, will follow.


Until now, there are both private and state motorways in Spain, whereby only the private ones are chargeable. As a motorcyclist, you pay the same price as a car driver. The amount of the toll depends on whether the means of transport is a ligero (motorbike without or with sidecar, car without or with trailer, camper van without twin tyres, etc.), a pesados 1 (motor vehicle up to 3 axles with twin tyres) or a pesados 2 (motor vehicle from 4 axles).


The reason for waiving the toll is that many concessions from various motorway companies expire at the end of August 2021. Until now, mostly private companies were granted motorway commercialisation. In return, they were responsible for road maintenance. The Spanish government has now confirmed that it will no longer renew the contracts with the companies and will take over the maintenance costs itself. However, the costs are paid with the help of the taxpayers' levies. It remains open, whether there might be a mini-toll, as in Portugal.


The waiving of tolls benefits holidaymakers at best. Getting the roads out of the private sector makes sense. The takeover of maintenance by the state will ensure more uniformity in this sector.


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