Toyota supplies fuel cell modules for trains

Toyota supplies fuel cell modules for trains

Toyota has delivered the first of six fuel cell modules for an emission free train powered by both electricity from the catenary and a hydrogen drive. With this the car manufacturer wants to pave the way for a more sustainable rail transport.

The train provided by the Spanish state railway Renfe will receive a so called "Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Pack". The bimodal drive system combines the electrical energy supply from the catenary with a hydrogen-powered fuel cell and battery system. Toyota contributes those fuel cell modules that are already known from the second model generation of the Mirai limousine. According to Toyota, they have more power and higher density in a more compact package; in the flat configuration, they can also be easily integrated into the roof of the train.

The batteries and the fuel cells will be tested at the test facility first. After that The Spanish train manufacturer CAF is going to install the modules as part of the hybrid drive in the train. Then the consortium wants to start with the first functional tests and test drives for the approval process on Spanish and Portuguese routes.

The project is funded by the technology initiative "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking" (FCH 2 JU). The goal: to find a reliable and safe emission-free alternative for rail transport. Diesel-powered trains are still on the move on around every second railway line in Europe. Switching to a more sustainable drive would be a big step towards climate neutrality.

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