Two-wheeler drivers have a higher risk of accidents

Two-wheeler drivers have a higher risk of accidents

Even if there are fewer fatal road accidents than in the 1970s, cyclists and motorcyclists benefit – according to an evaluation by Allianz - from the improvement in road safety much less than car drivers.

Particularly with e-bikes, the number of accidents has risen in recent years, in contrast to the general downward trend. In addition, e-scooters are comparatively accident-prone. According to the head of the Allianz Centre for Technology (AZT), in the EU there are a total of 6000 two-wheeled cyclists killed in the EU, and in Germany there were almost a thousand last year. 40 percent of all traffic fatalities and 50 percent of those seriously injured are two-wheeled cyclists. Especially older people are particularly at risk on bicycles: 59 per cent of cyclists killed are over 64 years old.

In order to increase road safety also for two-wheeled cyclists, there is a plea for compulsory bicycle helmets for children as well as for users of e-bikes.

In addition, motorcyclists continue to be at above-average risk, accounting for almost one-fifth of all German road fatalities. Speeding accidents are the main cause. According to the study, no third parties are involved in 35 percent of motorbike accidents. Many rear-end collisions involving motorcyclists are also seen in inner-city areas.

Against this background, it should be noted that two-wheeler riders are disregarded when it comes to improving road safety. It remains to be seen whether compulsory helmets will actually be introduced and protect against fatal road accidents.

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