Vehicle claims assessment by artifical intelligence

The Spanish Insurance Admiral Seguros | Admiral Group announced to use Artificial Intelligence to assess vehicle damages. The company has introduced an AI solution, developed by the technology company Tractable of which is said that it accurately assesses vehicle damages with photos submitted via a web app. The app should complete the complex manual tasks that a vehicle inspector would normally perform and should produce a damage assessment in minutes, possibly even without the need for further review. It is planned that the claims department will make an immediate payment offer to the insured when the damage assessment has been received. Many claims should be resolved this way in hours, possibly even on the first call. Admiral Seguros hopes to provide with this digital claims management process a claims settlement without the need for travel or other waste of time to its policyholders.


As reported from our network of insurance and traffic law experts, also the Polish insurer PZU makes very positive experiences with this procedure


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